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More about the CLIP Certification exam

The aim of the CLIP Certification translation exam is to help translators demonstrate the wide array of their skills.

The MCQ allows candidates to showcase their advanced knowledge of grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

The proofreading exercise allows candidates to demonstrate that they pay attention to detail, that they are rigorous and have the ability to detect errors.

The number of errors within the proofreading exercise changes from one test to another, but there are 10 to 25 errors per text. No rephrasing or heavy editing should be performed in this exercise.

The editorial translation exercise is a real-life business presentation. The company or service presented comes from diverse industries, and changes from one test to another.

This 1,200-word exercise is assessed according to five error categories: accuracy, language quality, style, country specifications and terminology.

The technical translation exercise is generally a simple technical text (data sheet, easy procedure, technical company or product presentation…), which does not require any specialization from the translator.


This 300-word exercise evaluates the ability of translators to adapt to the specific tone and register of the source text, respect the terminology provided in the attached glossary and provide a correct understandable translation.

The technical translation is evaluated on five criteria: accuracy, language quality, style, country specifications and terminology.
These exercises were designed to reflect a typical translation project: errors, mistakes or inconsistencies might be found in source texts, as they can be seen in real-life projects.
Candidates are encouraged to act and react the way they would with one of their clients, and can send a delivery note at the end of the test.
Translations will be evaluated following the standard expectation level of a professional translation.
Please note that both in the mock exam and on this page the exercises are in all English.
Real exams will have, of course, different languages (MCQ -> target language, Proofreading exercise -> target language, Translation exercises -> source language).

After signing up and purchasing the exam, you will be able to access a comprehensive online  mock exam, within the CLIP interface.