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Hello and welcome to this mock exam!



This is an exam that enables you to discover the CLIP interface and gives you a glimpse of the type of exercise of the CLIP Certification.


There are a few differences with the real CLIP Certification exam:

  • All three exercises in this mock exam are in English for convenience reasons, which will not be the case of the real exam (MCQ and proofreading exercise will be in your target language/mother tongue, translation exercises will be in your source language).
  • In the real exam, the first exercise (Multiple Choice Questions, MCQ) will be composed of around 100 questions, not 6.


Warning! Once you click on the button below the timer will start. It cannot be stopped or reset under any circumstances.


You have 4 hours and 45 minutes to complete the exam.
This will be long enough to finish the task, but it is important to manage your time well.


Recommended timings:
Multiple Choice Questions/Quiz: maximum of 15 minutes
Proofreading: 15 minutes
Translation: 4 hours


Reminder: during the exam you may take one brief break, after notifying your supervisor.
The timer cannot be paused while you are away.


Please note: data entered are only saved when you click on “next”/”back” and the page sends the data to the server. No data are saved automatically unless this action is carried out.


We wish you the best of luck with the exam!


The CLIP team

This quiz must be completed in 285 minutes. Click here to start the quiz


(Translation exam)