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Who are we?

CLIP is an international organization that aims to enhance the overall quality of the translation industry. As experienced professionals in the translation industry, we partner with industry stakeholders of all stripes, from translators and clients to editors, teachers and recruiters—essentially anyone who shares our vision of enhancing the overall standard of the industry.

Our mission

Because language has an impact on the way we think and how our message will be interpreted, quality in translation is a pivotal issue that concerns every one of us.

As translation professionals, the job we do carries a huge responsibility. CLIP was born out of a sense of this responsibility and invites everyone who appreciates it just as much, who believes in the importance of quality translations and who believes that standards should not be breached, to join them.

CLIP is committed to raising the bar, to building a better translation community and to shedding light on quality so that it can be better valued.


Our missions are:


Creating an international benchmark for translation quality and building awareness of the need to only hire those who uphold it.


Working towards greater transparency and accountability across the industry worldwide.

Value and recognition

Ensuring translators are recognized for the standard of work they produce. This means fair compensation for translators and increased awareness of the value of quality work.

I think it is the best tool for companies to spot quality translators in the crowd and the best way for translators to build a sustainable career.

A very active supporter

Françoise Bajon has been managing her translation company for 30 years and President of the ELIA association for seven years. She is a member of the LIND-web group of experts at the European Commission.


Françoise has remained committed to quality in all of her roles and now brings her advocacy to CLIP. As our chief supporter, she offers her full endorsement of the certification.

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